for artists & poets…

soulful whispers in an empty cafe 

the borders of your soul
stand unguarded in this
unhealthy light,
where the black poison
spreads as oil across
ground pocked with footsteps.

your hatred stands absolved,
living like some breathing
statue selfish,
detesting foolish efforts
to find the common threads
tying my hand to yours.

still, pathos can be amusing,
in that Satre stare into the barrel
of a gun sort of way,
but part of me knows
the trigger finger
would tighten as the volume shot upwards.

such a cowardly method of
the disposal of old ways,
old movements depreciating,
straight mean, the little ball of
anger made of venom and vinegar.

quick stillness on the tip of
razor blade justice,
disallowing misshapen forward progress
when you spit in my direction,
an affirmation of your frustration;
when you could tell me to leave
without reason.

the solace weight crimson letters
you send are revelations
the itinerary silent on
i’ll bet you think you’ve done better,
but i won’t bet the farm.

so the losers come and go
where your opaque heart
says nothing, but beats
onward, rejecting the wholesomeness,
the dirty angel wearing no clothes
and a bemused look;
contemplation of your particular gifts
is not my strength,

simple solutions abound,
the callous nature
of what you want
when you paint pictures of birds
leaving the nest,
maybe i’m one in love,
after your curiosity is sated
by your propensity to lick bloody tears
while looking better than ever…

who is to blame for miscommunication?
when i did all the talking
and made the promises,
spending time on the premise,
wanting to lick your soul,
tangle my arms,
feel you wet and shaking
tightly pressed above my frame

alas, a name, the simplest title,
your gaze across my eyes, seemingly frightened
and disgusted by the boy
with the silver streaks in his hair,
waiting with a pleasing smile,
for times to change
and you to see
the voices and hear
the words
of soulful distinction

3 Responses to “for artists & poets…”

  1. Very nice write Drew. I alwas enjoy reading your words.

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  3. I hear, I hear, I hear lol
    hmmm enjoyed the first three parts…cool!

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