poetry reprint: “legerdemain”


I was standing by an audience
Watching angels dance,
Standing here immobile,
Totally entranced
Then the sky darkened
And the girls looked up in vain
To the sounds of thunder
Almighty legerdemain

Walking along a city street
Hucksters screaming loud
Looking just to land the fish
Swimming in the crowd
Most people know these types,
These gangsters in the rain
Another case of unholy
Affixed legerdemain

Sitting still in the movie house
Trying to comprehend
The way the hero action star
Manages to survive yet again
He offers up the money lines
Square-faced acting feign
The audience is transfixed
By the actors legerdemain

authors note: Written on a dare five years ago and rescued from the garbage bin in a moment of enlightened hope that there was something worth keeping. Still not sure what it was.


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