first we chop; then we form…


I woke up looking for a laugh,
found it later after I’d given up
on laughs and settled for wry smiles
reflecting on a joke I couldn’t remember.
What started as an inward smile
phased quickly into hysterics;
turns out they’d been hiding
the whole time in the closet,
if you could believe that…
if I’d believed it I would have
looked there first.

The laughs did subside;
everything does in one way or another.
by this time I’s
positive there were more in there.
Staring into to clothes hanging,
the fireworks waiting,
broken glass and amicus briefs,
but nothing in the way
of a little more laughter.

Certainty pays a curious wage
and no change. For the more insipid,
just looking for something to
smile at,
or about,
or even with.
Stand so still searching,
move around the house;
there are other closets, other places.

Stepping back from the search
and looking towards
that kid looking for something
that might have been in the closet
and completely used up,
foggy mirror,
and that’s all funny.
Mere momentary satiation,
perfunctory reactions.

That’s alright.

A laugh is a laugh.

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