shutter shudder…


There’s a doppelganger
of a snow storm knocking
on the sky;
a new chief in Nigeria,
new policies in Beirut.
Apostolic leanings first punish
Socrates, then congratulate
him, wishing him well
on his journey and thanking
him for the knowledge
and wisdom.
We should be so lucky,
where is that kind of humor except
where it is needed?

Elsewhere and then,
and then and then and then,
mini-miracles in the waters
of the Seine,
salvation in the Ganges
and sustenance on
the Amazon.
All of this and we still
haven’t mentioned
the Thames,
or that big dam
in the triple gorge.
Water means as much
as it always did.
There is nothing
interchangeable about thirst.
Technophiles and able
adventurers share the same
dry tomb.

Still men eat,
all the races sate themselves
in the same ways,
if not in the same currency
or ingredients. It is to
the young and firm
to differentiate from bamboo
sticks and metal cutlery;
experience teaches that they
are the same, despite all
appearances to the contrary.

Most are well-educated
in a general hand-to-mouth
existence; the solution
of need is often subjugated
because the poor are
untrustworthy and often fail
to respect property rights.
I am told this is some
great failing, but have
never believed it.

It is somehow ironic
that we only see
in pictures when sound
conveys the tragedy
in higher definition. I
came late to this party,
same as everyone else.
At times it is easy to see
those working towards
some unseen glory
still far from here. At others,
progress comes with a
body count scorecard;
never-ending sudden death
overtime. Most of the time
the two ends are pursued
with equal abandon,
often by the same folk.

Somewhere Voltaire laughs,
and Spinoza sighs. Durant writes
it all down; sparsely adding
his gentle commentary.
Teachers of one kind or another
might be the only item
of value collectively produced
for the good of all,
various and sundry.

All of
keeps going. The evo-devo
dance continues without
stiff definitions or searing
borders, or argument,
or debate. Same as it ever
was and will be;
breezy on the coast,
cold in the mountains
and peaceful on the plateau.


dedicated to Will Durant, who opened strident philosophies to the craven and polished alike. There is no repayment of favors that big.

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  1. beautiful!

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