lyell, darwin, and hedy lamarr…

dalliance & hickory

Very little being all one thing,
reward the solo adventurer
by forgetting the guy signing the checks.
(has anyone checked into this?)
alert the vizier, audit his pen.

An awarded title, a head of state,
I’m told they prefer colorful
photographs and gold to
poetry, finding it too hard
to understand. If anyone tells
the potentate of the efforts
required to understand a
3 line poem,
they’ll be as good as gone.
Even lions have to eat.
(kings all have gold plates,
presidents get the china,
the Disciples a meal.)

Now I’m told,
things aren’t as romantic
with a post-modern salve,
We have no need for Dionysian
discussion or Artemic
love. Ladies don’t give soldiers
small pieces of cloth
after finding out most of them
were used to soak up blood.
The Ladies prefer them to be tied
around armor and feted by the sun.
(does cloth stop bullets or bayonets?
how ’bout IED’s?)

We can’t pacify the Turkmen.
Who ever heard of a birth pyre?
I think that went out
with Hedy Lamarr, who
made romanticism briefly relevant.
six times.

They say there was too much
Monroe for things to be the same today.
Even if America in the 1950’s
never really happened.
What does that say about
Cyrus McCormick
or the founding fathers?

But farther back is just a story,
like the folding of a hinge
to keep the sky a few miles
above the ground.
Somewhere Lyell and Darwin
laugh about that time Lyell called
Darwin a Lamarckian Fool.
The saint of evolution and
the progenitor of deep time
both found the past
still echoing through today.
Maybe the courtly romanticism
is just on hiatus
rather than lost?

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