something someone said in austin…

“what someone said in Austin”

As with any statement
carved with a knife
instead of a pen,
there were whispers
and debates regarding his
method of choice.

Was the argument staged?

No way to know. But a man
who holds such strongly
held beliefs probably
meant what he said.

At any rate, it lowered the body-count
by two, and we can all agree
that it didn’t hurt his cause
not to butcher his family.

McMansions & airplanes
are expensive to
buy & maintain.

Let’s assume a legitimate
He obviously did.

Some say he was sick,
but I don’t think he was.
More likely it seems he was desperate,
in perceived desperation.
We see how the weak battle the strong.

The only way they can.

But in giving his life and taking
does one man’s sacrifice
feed the children of the man
he’s killed?

Assume whatever you want;
debate encourages speculation.
I can’t claim the wisdom
to know for sure
if the man was right or wrong.
I wouldn’t stake a life to any answer.

Seems some smile, claim
that anything less than
the full retelling of the caper
(as archived on the steaming barrel)
ignores a dying man’s
list of grievances.

Maybe so, maybe so;
but there are two bodies,
and two lists of grievances,
and neither can be more
important than the other.
Neither one means

Mostly it just makes me sad
to hear what someone
said yesterday in Austin.

It wasn’t what he said.

It was the way he said it.

What else is there?

inspired by the life and death of Joe Stack and the nameless clerk who died unconventionally on February 18th, 2010.


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