i’m much better thank you…

Yesterdays laurels look good
in this light.
I’m with it, I’m here.
So get with it,
lemme have it all.
I ain’t gonna wither,
the heat ain’t that hot.

So much tripping over
cables and snakes,
everyone’s walking the junkie shuffle
but don’t nobody say nothing.
I like it better when it’s quiet.

After all the rest of the silence is broken
by innate correspondence,
there’ll be no apologies,
just awkward smiles,
insincere circles,
you’ll do this, you’ll do this,
all you need to do is this.

But they ain’t got me.
Not by a long-shot, not with a net,
not with a gun.
There are no enablers here,
just tricks of the trade,
tools and mechanista.
You ain’t got the right
to take from me,
anymore than I got the right
to drag you down here,
where the wild things are.

To each of you in turn
who have been kind,
I say only thanks.

But I’ll take it from here.


dedicated to all those who know the right thing to do, and choose not to do it just for that reason. we are brother’s in arms in the most transcendental ways.

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