Kitty Cat

Kitty cat like you,
ain’t nothing but trouble for you
down here.
You really gonna try to
be playin’ with the cats
that spend too much time
staring straight down,
hiding the eyes with long hair?
They keep their tails up,
but it ain’t pride,
just fancy pleasure and long naps.

Kitty cat like you got
dates and friends and family;
you got a food bowl
always full,
not to mention
a big clean litter box.
Down here you gotta eat
what you find,
take what’s coming
even if it’s the boot or the blade,
down here there ain’t always
a warm place to shit.

Kitty cat, it don’t matter
what I think.
That clean coat, those bright eyes
won’t do you much good
down here where everything
is dirty and we fight
and scratch to stay sane.

Kitty cat you’re too
pretty to be down here,
you’re gonna make
me feel bad for
draggin’ you down,
for dirtying that beautiful
clean coat.

Kitty cat, look close before
you start to thinking
that it looks fun to hang out
down here or that it might
be fine to see what you
get playing with dangerous
friends like me. Just know
what you’re getting into;
anything could happen.

Kitty cat, if you come down here,
and I wouldn’t mind that,
you gonna be able to get up again?
Kitty cat you gotta know
what you want
so you’ll know if you get it.

Point your tail up a little
farther, strut when you
walk. Kitty cat you look
good enough from here,
come closer so I
can take another look.


dedicated to intransigence. she’s so pretty.

4 Responses to “submission…”

  1. so detailed,
    so beautiful!
    I enjoyed the read of this poem very much!

  2. Thanks kindly. I do not deserve such praise.

  3. I am beginning to like cats,
    and it is all because of you!
    Good job.

    Here from Jingle’s.


  4. Well, don’t move too quickly. Thanks for the kind words and such. I will try to get reading onyour page as well.

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