too funny for words

it’s about to snow
and there ain’t no food,
nothing to drink but some
beer and most
of a carton of cigarettes.

halfway drunk with the music
too loud, trying to remember
my half of a conversation
about flowers
or somethin’ like that.
As the man said,
there just ain’t no time
we got to go.
There’s crying and laughing
to do until the
night closes down.
Whatever comes between
sunset and sunrise
is just pillow talk.

Snow is a little closer,
and I care just a little less.
Put ’em down,
open ’em up,
this is what happens
when non-drinkers drink.

During the whole
melee, could we get back
to the conversation
at hand?
Seems like you were saying
something I wanna hear
over dark brew
and a cigarette. “well, we all
have dreams” I laugh to
myself, cause
misapprehension is a bitch,
but you get a pass from me.

hardly seems worth the effort,
save for
moments when you get drunk
just before the storm
knowing you gotta
go right through it
a few hours later.

2 Responses to “ouch…”

  1. what an interesting verse…and a scary tale…makes me wonder what he is running from or running to…

  2. thanks for the comment. sometimes we aren’t running towards anything particular, just running because we chase shit that won’t stand still.

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