good times…

tina’s amazing mind

surprisingly enough,
all questions were answered.
luck only explains the part
when she recognized that
he might be right
while he traced fractals
of her
most colorful mind.

as the conversation turned,
both participants were
surreptitiously amazed;
one mind wondering
how a stranger could see so clearly,
the other demurring
pleasures of fine conversation
with kindred spirits.

throughout the stitch in time,
nothing was forced,
despite the difficult subject matter,
no bare knuckle demands
sharply loaded questions.
as each
in turn pressed various
points of emphasis,
time was transformed,
windows opened easily.

much later it would be
so clear a point of reference;
even if it was a one shot deal,
scars on the surface of the soul
tell all kinds of stories
about all kinds of things. strength
found in the gaps between sentences,
sudden discovery of shared ideals
camouflaging any excess nerves.

timidly, then deeply,
reality intrudes,
bringing to an end even
vital conversation.
we’ll coalesce around such
stunted moments,
too few and far between.

such a payoff;
the simple joy
of finding such a
sympathetic ear
far outweighs the grief
brought on by the last few shards
of a friendly conversation
ending slightly too soon.


Sorry. But I did say that it was going to turn into a poem, so, you know, at least you were warned. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “good times…”

  1. You write like Robert Hunter or Alan Ginsberg. You were born 40 years too late, my friend.

  2. You are entirely too kind! At this point all I can say is thanks, with any luck at all at some point I will release a book of poems. I already have a few ideas for thematic constuct, but thanks again for the kindness.


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