converging on the Potomac…

Tina’s Telekinesis

Same late-night wake-up call
as ever, expansive worthwhile to the
death or dearth
of my dreams.
if we didn’t hear strains of a symphony,
caught between that most seductive
speculation, wondering just
what it is I could learn from you,
the conversation has turned too far;
as for me, I may be in over my head
but the view is to die for.

all that waiting for a half turn back,
a comment, a statement,
shared sense of purpose.
desperate that it should seem so simple
to ask Tina to share her telekinesis.
If my greed
and/or my selfish desire don’t get between
questions and conversation

Talking to Tina about poetry
and fear, letting on little save
how clear the air is here,
how well we could see and hear.

the happiness of the next generation
is telekinetic Tina’s responsibility,
that’s a heavy load to carry
no matter how much love
she has to give.

So I stand in awe,
looking out over the Potomac
basin, listening for powerful engines
carving up the surface,
showing off the innards
and the raw building blocks
while I wait on Tina
to play with her ESP.

If it’s too much to ask for,
I’m sure she’ll smile, look cool and nod;
but what I’m waiting on
is her words and petals,
a voyeur hoping to watch
the spreading of
colorful flowers and deep green leaves
of everything that Tina might say.

Telekinetic Tina can see
all those what-coulda-been moments
suffused with ease.
she’ll think for a while
prior to some sudden realization
that my desire to see her
spread those wings
is mere empty curiosity

if she can give back
what she’s taken in,
there’ll be no problem,
no more waiting for
Telekinetic Tina step back
and see what’s really happening
in the corners and alleys
of this quiet town.

When everything is still again,
you can hear Tele-Tina thinking
wondering what else there
is to learn, scrubbing the poison
from her eyes and
being unafraid of what she see’s.
Waiting on her wisdom is time
well spent; there are a
million ways to skin a cat;
I just need to know hers.

Sometime I know when I’m wrong, but don’t want to do anything differently for fear of losing a friend. “Telekinetic Tina” is dedicated to the girls wo have something to say and no fear of extending sympathy to a down-on-luck poet & philosopher

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