waiting to dissolve…

?’s We Might Ask

Sitting indian style
in the semi-dark early morning.
the clocks are turned off,
s’ easier to sink into a daydream
or two
for the restorative power
of glazed eyes and a
spread eagle soul.

as the minutes and
silence fall away, i’m
really feeling the
saturday morning
in color,
any manner ot temperate breezes,
all the alternative universe
with easy answers
bringing on bright smiling

seems so simple in the absence
of fear.
are you thinking you’d like
to slide a little closer
towards me,
kill me with those eyes
for a while,
(you seem like the type who likes
to really play, and
that’s fine by me.)

the part of me ready to lay down
and retire sympathizes
with the part that just
wants to keep watching;
keep reading the tea leaves
and roll around in sweet temptation.
whether or not
it means anything at all matters less
than participating in a morning
soaked in scented candles.

then comes the part when
I play the fool.
it can be said,
kinda motioned,
something in the way I move,
maybe or
just a side comment.
easy enough to follow
the script.
i do my part,
even if i don’t try
that hard.

another saturday morning
overflowing with
what might happen.
makes me want to roll
aroiund for a while,
get covered
by whatever magic
translates into
whatever happens
later in the day.

dedicated to all those people who aren’t afraid to get dirty. some adventures only end if you ensure a solution. some mysteries (i.e. the vagaries of life) are more fun as mysteries than as proofs. just something to think about that reminds me of long straight brown hair and horror movies during the summer of 2003.

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