temporarily out of order…


I brush the hair out of my eyes,
try to see all those faces and
outstretched hands.
needing to talk to everyone,
trying to say “look here,
i’m not trying to hurt anyone
at all, i’m just looking for a friend
because i’m scared and it hurts
and at times it sucks to be

there’s no answer though,
so i laugh at this kid passing in
front of the mirror,
call him all kinds of dirty names,
huck a few ice balls at his head,
just to see if he’ll bleed or even react.
he doesn’t bother with that
business, he won’t bother
with me ’cause I’m

when i told the mirror that
“i’m sorry, i can’t
play that game, i
can’t sell or buy or do
whatever it is all of you people
do when you ain’t doin’
it here,
the mirror didn’t sag
or give up.
nothing changed.
in the room, we’re
with our thoughts
as the day starts again.

outside of the room,
the same songs played,
the same games drew
down the same clock.
my hair got longer,
i thought deeper about
the color blue.
i wondered what happened
since my timing
was golden, and everything
i said mean the same
thing the letters
alone and contemplating
is the mark
of the strong. even
there’s got to be
ease and friendship.

2 Responses to “temporarily out of order…”

  1. We have a Thursday Poets’ Rally going on,
    welcome in.
    Beautiful poems are to be shared.

    I love your poem!

    • I know, I feel terrible because I want to sign up and do the poets rally but I keep getting sidetracked. I have been exploring other poets on your page, you have an astounding collection of folks all across the interwebs all writing beautiful poetry. I’m a firm believer that the world is a brutish and oftentimes angry/mean and can use all the beauty we can create. I will join the poets rally soon, hopefully next week and we can continue to exchange poetry. In the meantime, I post new poems almost every day, feel free to give me your feedback and any critiques you might have!

      Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work!

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