suicide & murder

they don’t tell us about places
like Bridal Path,
at least not enough to defend
ourselves from those last walks
when we lock the door,
never to return.

surely, it’s sad; crushing for the family
really; and even though
he’d had friends that would
take the time to
search out his body, I
guess he didn’t know that, or
of he did, he didn’t care.

If it ain’t’ Vancouver Park, the
town of Parkersburg
in Iowa will do,
where they take
tradition seriously, and
problems are settled in weight
rooms where a man has no
chance to defend himself.

However it goes, I’m not
sure it matters.
other lives are tied in too tightly,
at the press conference, they gnash,
sob, make tight fists,
talk about justice and love, either
affirmed or denied or delayed.
pleas of insanity ring hollow
even if true, and these days,
who is really sane?

watching the scene is sad
for the wrong reasons.
when the ceremony ends,
we disperse to
think about our friends,
neighbors, family, etc.,
how much we love the ones
that love us true,
assuming everyone saw
the same sad story,
found the same sad conclusions.

it never works that way.
hence, another trip
to Iowa, another walk through
Vancouver Park, sitting on the benches
of Bridal Path to wonder, to feel,
even cry,
like they do when they think back
to Arguedas, or Thompson.

just think,
if Chekov could fly at warp 8,
visit new alien friends
across the universe
without too much effort,
how impossible it
must have been for
his son,
who couldn’t get five steps
to find friends and lovers.

Dedicated to Andrew Koenig, Jose Maria Arguedas, Ed Parker, and Mark Becker. We’ve all walked the walk of AK, luckily just been too frightened to go that far. Ed Parker was by all reports a good man who did what he thought was best for the boys under his charge. Mark Becker is a man facing demons that have effectively destroyed many live, but first and foremost Ed Parker and Mark Becker. I know it changes nothing, but can we give up treating each other like shit yet? I can’t be the only one to tire of reaping such a terrible harvest, yet the crops come due over and over and over. There’s plenty of sadness and misery in this world. Someone has to teach us to spread love and kindness rather than solitude and mistrust. Someone else has to learn. Oh well. Maybe this is how it has to be.

2 Responses to “huh…mmm…no…”

  1. Chekov’s son was on growing pains? I did not know that.. good one buddy

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