not too far from here…

Tina Suggests Not Being Suggestive

Tina always tells me
“if you keep breaking down my walls,
the neighbors are gonna
see me naked next time I’m in the shower.”
You can’t argue with Tina
when she’s right.

If it’s true she gets down
when I’m hurting, like she mentioned,
then we’re both in trouble;
she ’cause I’m always hurting,
and me because everything
I can give her ain’t what she needs.

The only certainty I can come down
with is an accidental misreading;
she’s actually saying “no, I just meant
you’ve got a little of my limited
capacity, I care equally about everyone”
which ain’t at all what I want to hear,
not when my reading of Tina’s
words seem so sulky and

We’ve never been farther from
a cup of coffee, never laid down
exactly where poetry ends.
if I fear an attack from rival
interests, I highly doubt he’s a poet.
If he were,
well, he ain’t,
but I can’t cut in. Wouldn’t do it that
way. Still, you
never really know, and
anything is possible.

Tina tells me to stop knocking down
her barriers;
but I don’t think it’s me at all.
I should tell her I think she’s screaming
and nobody can hear her,
except maybe me, and I don’t
really count.
I should tell her if she’s gotta
feel it so badly, want it so much,
taste it so close,
she’s gonna have to confront
her truth.

and what is her truth?
that’s one barrier even I let alone;
sadly enough I think she does too.

3 Responses to “not too far from here…”

  1. wonderful portrayal of friction.

  2. i love the intro. thank you.

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