pre-written words…


I need anything beautiful baby.

There you are
with your one word funny-talk eyes,
heavenly eyes, reflecting
upside down photographs
of pieces of heaven cut to order,
printed well.
Don’t I know that’s as good as
the only thing?
What else you got?
I need anything beautiful baby.

I need anything beautiful baby,
like if I told you that your heart was somewhere else.
you said you wanted a morning
in a beautiful body;
no goddess, just a girl,
looking like she’d look good
lost or angry and
forgive me but
I need anything beautiful,
you’re my only chance.

I need anything beautiful baby,
but I want it from you. You got graciously
demarcated patiently praying
that something would change. now
here I am, and I
need something beautful,
and you need something beautiful
so you’ll have to listen,
like when I told you
before if you could make it all fine.
then I wanted to think so
too. I need something beautiful baby,
but we’re gonna have
to share.

2 Responses to “pre-written words…”

  1. This says Bob Dylan to me!

    Like one of his songs.

    You don’t hate Dylan do you? I know many do.

    But I likes him!

    And your girl with the upside down photograph eyes!

    • Many people hate Bob Dylan? Damn, you live in a rough corner of the world. Naw, I like Dylan, but comparing me to him seems unfair as he is Bob Dylan and I am so dumb bastard with a keyboard and an internet connection, but thanks kindly. Have never had anyone say that about me ever!!!

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