have a look around…

every last bedroom

crush that cigarette, let
that cherry burn down,
it’s too easy to watch you smoke,
too hard to concentrate
when you exhale so exquisitely.
all i can think about
are those lips
and those fingers,
a cigarette kissing smoke
out across your eyes.

if i think about that,
if i think about you in half-shadows
with your hips cocked to the side,
looking good in the
sepia of early afternoon,
i’m gonna forget
whatever it was i was supposed to say.

ain’t no angel but the way your hair
frames your eyes is almost dirty,
just hot enough to change
the direction of blood flow,
redirecting it to more important
Now you’re saying
“go ahead, go ahead,”
and all I want to do is talk
and I don’t want to say anything.
If I could I’d pull you down,
deep down, but we were
supposed to talk and
it’ll come to me sooner or later.

so we got time;
nothing to say, so before
your hand pulls mine tight,
before your tongue curls
or searches, those eyes bring me back
to every bedroom I’ve ever lain down in,
and you’re there smiling

so warm.

so warm.

so warm.

Dedicated to anyone whom you might need to talk to without saying anything.

13 Responses to “have a look around…”

  1. amazing, awesome, breathless….I wanna high five you for this being so….rad

  2. that is kick-ass chica. nobody’s called me rad since the early 90’s!!! Glad you liked the poem, of the ones i wrote today this is my favorite…so far. thanks for the clicks, you’re the bees knees.

  3. Loved this one! Write on!

  4. creative poem,
    beautiful images….
    thanks for sharing!

  5. signed .............bkm Says:

    all the images, the cigarette, the hair …well done ..bkm

  6. Nice work with the sensual lines and phrasings…a real Love poem 🙂 Thanks for posting with Potluck.

  7. Hmm.. some very sensual expressions there.. Nicely woven a very creative piece. How can you really talk of day-to-day Life so beautifully..?

    Happy Potluck- xoxoxo

    • “How can you really talk of day-to-day Life so beautifully..?”

      At the time I wrote this, I was very interested in someone and hoped she liked poets as much as poetry. Didn’t turn out that way (long boring story nobody wants to hear) but I used that emotion along with some experiences from past relationships that ended because I didn’t say what needed to be said. Presto, sex in the afternoon in a poem. Plus, day-to-day life is beautiful if you see it from the right angle. It just doesn’t happen all that often unfortunately. Loved your poem.


  8. penelopephoebe Says:

    You are spoiling us with this seductive poem. I cannot single out one line because it is all so good. Thanks for that.

    • I’ve been playing around with the topic for a while. Thanks mightily for the compliment, very glad the poem seems to have found an audience. I’ve got another one I’m working on concerning the same themes but approached from a different angle, hopefully it will come out as well. Thanks again for reading,


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