something else…

can’t let you stay on top

better get a handle on
everything. just when
you think you might have
the world by the tail;
the cock by the balls;
reality comes by
to shove your face in
all your shortcomings & weaknesses.

a real good grip helps,
maybe keep your feet
a little wider, square shoulders.
pride helps, except too much
invites disaster.

really, so what?
a few pair of eyes
scans hurriedly through lousy poets,
pronounces it genius, moves on.
might as well have been a rapist,
takin’ that way.
so what? kid’s hurtin’ real bad;
all that’s left to wish for
is that the pain never stops.

we’re all fucked and a few
are starting to get the picture.


every part of me
pisses and shits and comes and spits.
the day will come when the sun rises
without eyelashes draped
over windows, without your
terrible love. i’m not so worthless
as to be
unable to find someone else.
hope springs eternal in damnation.

2 Responses to “something else…”

    • Thanks! As soon as I figger out how I can add these awards to teh page, I will most def do it. I am computer retarded and can only run a blog that does pretty much everything for me. Shit, I write poetry n prose, not computer code!!! hahaha thanks kindly tho, it is gratefully accepted. Oh, and isn’t it monday?

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