all for her…


semi-dark early evening;
screen-glow reflecting
in your eyes. you know
i can’t see you from here,
still you’re showing me something
i wouldn’t believe if
i’d seen it.

that representation
of you, sitting under
darkened ceilings set on ignoring
gravity; waiting
for some change I might

sexy the way you move
your eyes when you read,
your tongue when you write;
almost too much imagination.
people only blush when they
think they’ve been found out;
you got nothing to hide, ’cause
even if you did,
i’d just wait till you told me.

will you remember blushing
somewhere down the line?
will you remember why
blood in your stomach was
escorted to your face?
i’ll save my memory for those
moments when i need to ask
questions i think you want to hear,
see you blush,
knowing you got questions for me too.

Yes, it is.


14 Responses to “all for her…”

  1. lovely, in every possible way

  2. I love sitting right behind the voyeur in your poem – you put the reader right there. nicely done

  3. cool poem.

  4. handsome writing!

    • Thanks duder. btw – how do you have time to do everything you do? I’ve been slowly expanding the circle of poets I have read out on the interwebs, and you are everywhere. You must be a saint or a really good sinner.

  5. Passionate indeed.

    Here from Jingle.
    Join us for the Rally?

    Happy Wednesday and Thursday!




  6. aaaaww….soooooo sweett…
    dinno a blush could be explained so well delicately weaving words..
    m here from jingle’s rally

  7. hey thanks for dropping in today. come by anytime…and don’t worry about others tender ears. door is always open for anyone. lol.

    hot poem…when you write with your tongue…love that line. playful, sensual…nice.

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