second time coming…

those green glasses

loose lines, everything is
wrecked. i’m getting an award
from a woman made of bells
making a distinctive noise;
she moves through a world
made of faceless poets,
spouting overdeveloped poetry.

i might have seen a picture,
still sitting around my memory,
laughing at me for being
so foolish as to conflate her picture
with her words. she didn’t say
anything but kind words,
though my response left something
to be desired.

all those questions about the green glasses.
looking back, it seemed a cruel
hurtful thing to remember the glasses but
forget the gray eyes.
luck was on my side,
i was a better poet then,
not feeling self-conscious
for giving away what might have been

now i forget the picture
in favor of the words.
connected as we are through the
woman made of bells
with her magic poetry wand
and awards I don’t deserve.

they make it so hard to hate yourself
when they act with such kindness;
i’m less familiar with praise
than razor blades or mirrors
that only show me my face
from low angles.

still, ms. green glasses,
and the woman made of bells
and the glitterati,
and that beautiful tree speaking words
in some far off language that I can’t
comprehend, all of them and more,
a poet of colorful characters,
the woman on the green bench, all
throwing poems back and forth
as I watch and learn.

the insides of the back pocket
collects dust & fluff;
but the comments from
both ends of the pen
keep me wanting so much more
than just an explanation of
the green-glass framed
gray eyes. when
you plan on asking strangers for poetry,
it pays to have something to give back
in thanks.


Dedicated to all the other people who were writing poetry all the while I worried I was the only one. I have no way to repay any of what has been given me except to keep writing and hope some of their light reflects back on me. I don’t know how to do the award thing, so this is my thanks and my way of urging any of my readers to check out a few other poets farther along than myself.


5 Responses to “second time coming…”

  1. what a beautiful poem! tomorrow is another thursday… im looking forward to reading another poem from you…. i hope this brightens up your day:

  2. cool,
    you are so kind!
    Welcome join our team!

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