misplaced titles…

unintentional revelations

she’s glad it was only a nightmare.
would the real thing
be any different? spending
eight or so hours
pushing footsteps cross burnin’ coal,
all the while whistling, voicing
sing-song prayers of such
disingenuous types.

implied conceptions of time;
such a wayward principle,
first perched at eye level,
quickly moving;
target never the same place

desperation makes us
brothers, finding out a
death sentence 40 years
away is the same verdict
we’re all fighting;
just by getting up in the morning
we can win another day,
but there will be an end.

she can’t be glad
’cause it’s only a nightmare.
concessions to humanity
aside, nightmares are only
answerable to the same
length of time
the sun is scheduled to shine.


Not a happy poem, but one based on the phrase “at least it was only a nightmare,” which is one of those smart sounding things that actually marks you as unintelligent and without greater vision. Like Carlin once said, I’m a personal optimist but a pessimist for just about everything else. (that’s paraphrased, look it up if you have the time.) Anyway, the basic point is everything is bigger than it seems and we’re all under the same kind of gun. There’s no help coming, we have to make do with each other and what time we have. Best reason I can think of to be good to people until they piss you off and then ignore them. It does happen. Dedicated to some anonymous commenter on someone else’s blog.

4 Responses to “misplaced titles…”

  1. waystationone Says:

    nice. it doesn’t all have to be happy. it would be a farce if it was…

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