revenge of the long hairs…

the hair farmer

I let my hair grow
for a few years.
failing the scissors, thinking
about it growing while
I did nothing,
nothing but wait
to see what it was growing
to be.

Anticlimactic climax;
it just turned into a pony tail,
and continued to gray.

dedicated to the long haired mens club of Clifton Giant Discount Drug. There are three of us, but my hair is longer than the other two.

4 Responses to “revenge of the long hairs…”

  1. I used to have long braids, I cut it cut when I was a senior in high school.
    beautiful poem!

    • bitchin’. I have been growing my hair since Sept. 2005, getting on close to 5 years and let me tell you something…I like having long hair. No, I don’t like it, I fucking love it. I’d try to explain, but some things belie explanation, a kid’s hair being just one of those things. Thanks for the award, let’s see what I can do.

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