not even a grin…

devils grin

there’s a girl sportin’ a
devils smile and walking.
i can see what she’s thinking,
having some experience
with a raucous devilish grin
of my own;
some unrecognizable beds,
bedrooms that smell like the first time;
that pregame grin,
lookin’ for reinforcement
for some love-blind fuck.

she’s thinking ’bout kickin’
legs out from chairs,
busting something up for fun, taking
back the night for the dirty angels
& free thinkers; all those
lookin’ into the teeth of the smile
when she wears her devils grin.

I don’t want to giveaway where I got this idea, because that would make it cheap, and writing this was so much fun (ok, that was probably because early morning antics are fun fun fun for the dusted) that it seems a shame to be so bland and boring and dedicating it to the two people that came to mind here. I wouldn’t say I loved either of you, but y’all didn’t love me either. That being said, those were 3 crazy nights and I look forward to trying that again, but with other people and minus the trepidation.


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