laughing at fools…

further proof

When I ain’t sticking knives
in some other temperamental body
for dirty looks and hatred,
I often enjoy turning
on the handle and
showing myself the blade.
stick stick.

Busted out from a rainy morning,
desperate for laughter,
or something to cover the evening
for good.

Smiles built from the inside-out,
making faces in the mirror
while Scum of the Earth
jangles a guitar
and takes the lead on vocals.

Irony without appendage,
Ray Sawyer is making me laugh,
getting me stoned until laughter
is all I’m capable off.
Knives drop and jokes become
weapons of disarmament;
someone should have warned
the kitty cat we’d be
going back in time in a hand-basket.

Old music does you good,
falling back on all the smiles
refracting old jokes. Made me
feel a lot better about
my penchant for mistaken identity
under hazy conditions.

You think it still matters?
Guess there’s only one way
to know for sure.

2 Responses to “laughing at fools…”

  1. very interesting.

    • I like to think I am an interesting person. Of course, I could be wrong, in which case I’m pretty boring, just your usual run of the mill Fool playing foolish games with foolish toys…I’m willing to take your word on it though, seeing as how it will save us a lot of trouble.

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