so, you concerned for your sanity?.?.?.


variants of focus find the logic
of deprecation in alternating hues
of muted colors; ain’t it hard enough
to distinguish through
early mornings hovering over
entire months of the calendar year,
seemingly going on forever,
stretching as far as the eye can see?

gentle confusion, not to be
confused with any kind of
violent counter-reactionism,
picks up steam pouring out of ears
while deeply held beliefs
interact to build a great temporal
bridge to nowhere. the logic is
flawless, if counterproductive.

in a blatant attempt
to add empirical historicity
to traditional faith, the results are
mainline unclear. successive repetitions
down through the generational ladder
leave the same conclusions unresolved.
nevertheless, fractions of the whole
insist on the journey
being the destination, or
something close to that.

fragments of the whole
seem to disprove
any notions of unity; expressionism
writ large. can there
be anything but doubt
amidst the casual certainty that tautology
implicates communication and language
as thieves and rapists?

another hung jury
leaves us in much the same place as
before the beginning; the minute prior
to this minute had a minute prior to it
in much the same way. can we know
the pattern didn’t run forever
in all three directions?

calculating the probability has
become the PO Box number,
waiting for checks in the mail
and saviors to return. ever more
convoluted extrapolations. tiny flakes of
absolute genius mix into soupy
normality as chunks of
recycled a-motivational
detritus sink towards the drain.

the hope is, if i understand it
correctly, that the cream will rise
to the top of the bowl, pulling the rest
of the gunk with it; a rising tide
to lift all boats. seems reasonable enough,
if a rather far-fetched
manner/method of prayer.

Taken as a single unit, it might be
envisioned as a highly detailed device
tasked with converting wide ranges of
complex multitudinous sensory experience
into equally complex concepts in
easily digestible sized chunks.

still going strong are the arguments
over what it all means, if anything.
some factions take their dogma
more seriously than others, while
intra-group rivalries & passions
more than equal inter-group warfare.
the species constantly eats itself
only to sit red-faced with indigestion
more often than not.


Nope. Not concerned in the least.


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