now ya done it…

yeah…but naw

well, I was gonna write
a poem or two. as the
evening wore down,
no conversation
was forthcoming &
I decided to give it up;
retire for another evening,
comeback tomorrow.

with a little less than nothing
said, there’s only a few
true attempts at the cross-word
puzzle of the day. too
obscure; needs
some tangential influence, or
advice given in geographic

back in foreverago,
our conversations smelled like
cigarettes and felt like skin-
cream-slick arms reaching out
in a gesture of support.

somehow, evenings these
days are less exciting; everything
already answered.

a brief repast;
nothing else. it might hurt
just as bad tomorrow as it will tonight;
might not; especially when
intentions are accounted for.

relativistically, it’ll be fine.
might take some time
to heal pride,
but sooner or later
things’ll get back to normal.

all in good time. it was
fun while it lasted though.


Dedicated to CM, for a moment that seemed unimportant at the time but has proven very influential in my life.

5 Responses to “now ya done it…”

  1. Hey crb. dropped in to read some of your words, bad language ones and all, and you have a major attitude and voice that is different — in a good way! I look forward to exploring more on your site. Thanks for the smile!

    • Always welcome dude. I actually found your site replying to one of those awards everyone flings around and had a wry smile at your reply. Thanks for the visit and I look forward to reading more of your poetry. Take it easy and have a coke n’ a smile. 🙂

  2. you just need to find more questions….smiles.

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