oft used metaphor…

synthetic acrylic cubes

one morning, I thought I
might be a memento.
just after a sleepless night
morning finally arrived to chat,
speaking in the breaks of sky
lit by the sun;
warmth & light.

nobody came by to peak through
the window; there I was needing
to be seen. waiting
on any voice for a sparring partner,
all that needs to be said
probably will be; given proper

so what if the empty room
takes the brunt of much
unseen devotion? cowardly
folk will launch no protest, make
no comment whatsoever.
Antithetical interests fall as
blaspheme, staining
the carpet and the ears
of the congregation.

hard to tell of the
reverberations are the result
of dissatisfaction or lazy five-finger
discounts at local convenience stores
centrally located.
who can tell?

muster the courage
to smoke cigarettes in the angry winds;
or watch the stars shimmer and wink
while late afternoon slides by
greased by the days events,
stung by its own lack of criticism.

Dedicated to my good friends to the South and West of here. I guess you can pass a lighter in high winds, but there is no guarantee it’ll still be burnin’ when you get home. Such is life, and mine is poorer for being farther away.

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