talking to people…

back and forth

repetitious greetings now
greet every morning; lead into
passing words through the day.
every effort taken ensures we’ll know
some obscure secret;
(just between us)
even if all the words are spent
on appetizers and none on lunch.
what could be done differently?
time is expensive, and
besides, there ain’t a whole lot
of it.

I know what you’re doing,
to a certain point;
you can make the same claim.
I feel you’d be better served
perched on my shoulder;
even if you might get lost
moving from such secure locations
hidden behind entire towns out
to the interstate, intent on waving
thumbs toward oncoming traffic.

looking to your rationale,
as always; there’s several
different places to look from. looking
toward lips as you lick,
telling me all about your nerves,
if not so much about your heart.

all I want to hear is;
you’ve got a plan. i’m obliged
to happily calm down,
if you could tell me
you know
what it is
you want.

i’m curious about that too.


Inspired by half of a conversation. Too bad it was the wrong half.


13 Responses to “talking to people…”

  1. an exploring poem,
    I wonder what she wants too…

    fun piece,
    well done!

  2. Thanks for leaving lovely comments in my post.
    you rock!

  3. A.B. Thomas Says:

    the read is like when standing in line looking at the people walking by and attempting to surmise what is being said, what they are doing – thanks for the great read

  4. I enjoyed this read, in the end there is just not enough time to not say what you want in this life. Thanks for linking to Potluck ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agree mightily on the ‘never enough time.’ When it starts adding up and the years get long while the minutes get short it can be scary and dispiriting. At the same time, somewhere in the world is everything, and if you wanna find your part of it, there is only one way to go. Thanks kindly for stopping by, always appreciated.


  5. How ’bout…I jump on your shoulder
    and we hit the road and splash
    some sense into the yawning
    lunch crowd just for kicks?

    Tell you about my nerves? Ha-ha!
    You got a lot. I can tell. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked your train of thought
    as it passed me by. My lips moved.
    Choo-choo! UT

    • Thamks UT. Let’s fire up the engines and wake up this dead world. I am all for it. Thanks for swinging through and for the compliments. I always enjoy checking in on your page. Take it easy,


  6. Very cleverly done..!! Aren’t you too good at it- if this is what it does because of no proper sleep- well then- you have a real talent in you in return!!

    • Well, insomnia is a weird thing. Sometimes it beats the talent out of you, sometimes it fills you back up. Thanks for the compliment & stopping by. Glad to see the poem enjoyed, rather than sitting alone in a notebook for nobody too see! Take care, I’ll have to swing over to your page and see what’s up. Later gater,


  7. penelopephoebe Says:

    I like this clever poem; not least for the lines: “even if all the words are spent
    on appetizers and none on lunch.
    what could be done differently?
    time is expensive, and
    besides, there ainโ€™t a whole lot
    of it”. Well done.

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