a poem hidden in prose…

don’t bother reading this. it is too long & not very good.

Welcome back the fray.
Its been too long since I swallowed
hook, line, and sinker of faulty epistemology
that deep down.
Of course, nothing new
’bout being told one thing,
finding the truth sits somewhere else,
far enough away to be visible to mythologists studying the decline and fall of the Olympian Gods.

They weren’t much for honesty, but when it comes to deities constructed in a human image,
they weren’t far behind.
people used to pray to Zeus
much the same now reserved
for the bigger members of the holy trinity.
Wild changes just new costumes,
same old sheep.

I fail to see how the verdict
could be anything but fair;
saved my bacon.
Some miracles are major, some minor.
What we’ve got here
is a minor miracle basted
in Jack Daniels and gold dust.

Catty-corner from perpendicularity,
setting expectations at some
safe level seemingly far from upset apple carts.
It is fair, and just in hindsight,
perhaps not so in the foreground.
This will pass;
there won’t be any screaming voices crying over nothing,
telling me I missed out.

On that?
I do remember being there,
seeing the great anger and great sadness
leaking from a few of the participants.
Looks like that answer took 3 years to get here,
but that’s just life.

(Have no doubt, those eyes can’t fall HERE. I wouldn’t let that happen. We have to look somewhere for protection.
Nobody told me that might be inward.
Turn it around. Bleed for fun, laugh in pain.)

Calm of the moment-after,
brush down the wild hairs,
start waiting for whatever else comin’ ’round.
When time is right,
another set of footsteps
have something else to offer,
like time,
that kind of thing.
Unabsolved sinners play musical chairs.
Loser walks.

Like I said,
saved me the trouble.
(i can play heartless so
much easier than i play
The first ever instance of taking a piece of prose and using it as raw materials to build a poem. It is a touch longer than I wanted, but it gives off a lot of emotion and a lot of bile. No doubt it is too acidic in places, but I will roast on it for a while and come back and redo it again later. For now, the author require food and drink. Stagger, stagger and laugh.

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