eloquence escapes me…


amazing poetry
is as often as not inspired
by an image that
only exists in the
mind of the poet;

waking up in the evening,
the last bits of dream
yet to fade;
still not sure if that last one
was flesh and blood
or just scent & fingertips,
played upon my imagination

careless to corner myself;
a damn dog with a bone.
had warning arrived
before i happened upon a mirror,
i may never have known how
silly a dog with a bone
can look.


As so often happens in life, sometimes you think you might have found something you’ve been looking for and it turns out you just found a lead bird. Inspired by Caspar Gutman at the very end of The Maltese Falcon, since we seem to have something unfortunately in common. I don’t mind playing the fool, just could use some warning next time. No dedication required with that one…

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