aphorism thoughts…

A Monologue For The End Of The Day

our average mysteries
can be solved (historically)
within three days, not counting
metaphysics. of course,
only about one third of mysteries
have satisfactory answers.
the rest are either unsatisfactory
or disadvantageous. both are
often misinterpreted.

contained within carefully
negotiated settlements
are those momentary fears,
later found to be as important
as any other nanosecond of
present tense worry.
(that won’t occur to you until
afterward, as always.)

if the planets followed
inverted orbits,
without accusations & defense,
would it still be worth picking over
wreckage? at this point, there are
questions everywhere, and
I ain’t got a clue.

ever unplanned (seemingly,)
driving as much as possible.
skidding across the lanes,
chasing double vision; so foolish,
(yet it still happens. odd.)
waiting resolves as many
mysteries as any other
course of action.

course if truth were told,
all of the sidewinders
can be sent off to sidewind;
there are both easy and convenient
desires wrapped up
in everything but flesh;
fantasies all revolving around
your pen & paper, must have
forgotten the ones involving dsexx

more confused than ever,
with no St. Christopher to lead the way.
speedballed to the point of
total disorientation. too far sideways
to be moving up or down, then
left to wonder no longer. something
still has to be said,
what it is I’m not sure;
it’ll just have to come sooner or later.

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