rectify the situation…


by the end of the evening,
between being pulled apart
by low-ball downers mixed into
the calming influence of
northern traveling arrows, I could
perch on the edge of the couch
cushions, daydream about
afternoon schemes.

i've taken careful note to shove
myself down the road just far enough
until everything gets easy. moving along
with the current, sweeping everything
towards parsimony, towards fog and leaden eye-lids
and runny noses.
we stumble around, our legs rebel
against the weight bearing
down on them, now we lean down
on our wavy legs, hoping not to fall.

sooner or later, I need to find my bed;
locating the mattress under the sheets,
exactly where it was left.
an unguarded easy entrance to
soft sheets. what's left
of mind & spirit melts, dreams of
extreme comfort lead me on;
the signal for the evenings end explodes;
sight and sound and taste confirming
tired spirits fading into the
sleep of exhaustion.

tomorrow there is more to devour;
more rocks to overturn, words to
speak & write & exchange
with a budding talent.
as the mind devours the scenery
only to reconstitute the inputs
into a more palatable dish.

by the end of the evening,
what I can see is dramatically reduced,
like an empire of ashes. control
assimilated from ever dwindling reserves;
closing hours of the long day. leaving clues
to testify sometime in the future
about gutting the events of the present.

mostly, i pass out slowly with one name
on my lips. the dream of the soul i'll collapse
around, trading wet fantasies for
lascivious movements of shared delusion.
it ain't a body, it's a mind
in a body that speaks sex
as a native tongue. dreams are all
about the anticipation,
wanting so desperately to feel that slick skin
& warm coffee tongue.

sleep is my welcome back
to the eyes that always say yes
and the lips that always pout.
i fight so hard to stay awake,
knowing every morning I'm
gonna lose her again. still
the balance of payments is far
in my favor.

i just need to close my eyes,
and she'll come to me,
until one morning
she'll be here
when we open them back up
to see & feel.

Dedicated to someone with the capability to be one of the more amazing people I've ever met. Assuming of course she can figure out the how… No way to know until we know for sure. Here's hopin'.

4 Responses to “rectify the situation…”

  1. Hey crb, dropped in to read your newest and to continue my exploring through months and months of your archives … excuse me for not commenting, I am just immersed in reading.

    • Thanks dude. Yeah, there is a lot of writing in my archive, unfortunately, much of it is prose junk. Thanks for the visit, I will be making my nightly rounds after the Celtics polish off another victory. Take it easy!


  2. gorgeous. beautiful. lovely

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