evening falls…


i am grateful for quiet nights;
long hours between 2 and 5.
entire time-zones go silent
except the night-owls;
they avoid contact
much like i do; extreme measures
to maintain the pleasurable calm.
serenity in the quiet hours.

even devil-pain goes about
business without a sound;
still twisting nerve endings
but quietly, no screams or gasps.
sadness takes a break from
shedding tears and stiffens up;
silence doesn’t hurt.

the clean-hours
refresher course
of silence; power
and weaknesses;
vulnerable to loud noises,
extreme shock & fear.
assuming that can be avoided,
the late night/early morning
is yours; you can do with it
as you please.

good time to sit still;
consider good fortune &
slack sails & still-centered.

having not yet
plunged headfirst into movement,
there is time to placate theories,
consider options, get a handle
on the coming noise.
still, it will be a shock
when it rises from the clear lines
of cold-water-hours
yet to ripple
or be hit by rays of light.

the good news is these hours
are always on the way;
passing noise,
hiding behind activity;
chores before bed.

some have said they’re best
used for sleeping within
a lovers grasp…
some prefer to stretch freely
across the bed;

greed in peaceful plenty;
can we get both?
Sometimes it just comes out. Too tired to edit. Maybe later today. Until then, have a draft. (pun intended) Inspired by this quiet evening, dedicated to my mattress. (Inside joke)


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