clear the shoals…

funny logic & world peace

cigarettes are endearingly non-judgmental.
I’ve never heard one complain
about fate; or deny five minutes
of relaxation & joy to anyone who asks.
of course; it’s as hazardous to your health
to smoke
as it is to get out of bed in the morning.

since everyone shares identical fate
after their last breath,
you’ll forgive me if I
don’t blame the smoke.

multiple realities exist
inside totalitarian regimes;
“fitness for living” a pseudonym
for twisted meritocracy;
philosophers apologize for the methods
of communism,
never mind consignment of the lower third
into organizational purgatory.
of course, nobody has
problems with that.

sins live in cigarettes.
taken farther & built into an ideology,
epitomizes cultural warfare.
battles over gay marriage,
global warming,
the rights of animals.

both sides manage to ridicule themselves
simply taking sides;
how can any person know
which rights are to be denied
to which groups,
which rights are the birthright
of the fuckers at the top. (there are
always fuckers at the top.)

of course, we can then treat each other
accordingly; i’m convinced rationalization
is a Darwinian process;
same as eye color or
opposable thumbs.
considering such veracity of logic,
maybe there’s some
sense in blaming the cigarettes.
people don’t treat each other any better,
but we can always rationalize that away.

guess I’ll give it some thought
out blowing smoke in the wind;
sitting under the sun, watching
breezes zip around power-lines &
cell-towers; cooling the saccharine-sweet
coffee & tea in the cups of those
upstandingly-moral nonsmokers.

blowing smoke.
finally a concept
we can all agree on.

2 Responses to “clear the shoals…”

  1. Always wonderful … now im rethinkin this whole smokin thing .. hahahaha

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