something else…


you offered what might
have been revelation; i
could only take a guess as
to some ultimate rationale.
two bodies
reflecting the glow
of late-night tv
was at best imago,
nice while it lasted.

it was nice while it lasted;
final thoughts on what could
be any fuckin’ subject;
too damn tired
to ask, too sure of the answer
to feel any fear about lost opportunities.
no consolation prizes
tonight; just some sleep
with some luck,
or all-night lethargy
without any at all.

feeding off the situation,
ravenous intellectual
seeks answer,
perhaps just a shove
in the right direction.
minus the late-hour
wonderment of sub-lingua thought,
there’s a lot to say.

probably shouldn’t have
assumed the ending;
self-fulfilling prophecies
are never that fulfilling.

nice while it lasted;
should i have pushed harder?
this very second an angel
on my shoulder is beaming with pride;
the devil seems pissed.
now i’m trapped in dualism waiting
for an outstretched arm. can i
count on you to lift me up?

nice while it lasted.
could it be nice a while longer?

Fading thoughts on an electric conversation. Who knows anymore what the right questions even are. Sure as shit I don’t know. If this is the cusp of the wave, when will it hit? Questions, questions. Some people move like poetry. Is it my fault I want to be close to that? Fuck me. Inspired by the limits of desire.

2 Responses to “something else…”

  1. I love the line, “too damn tired to ask, too sure of the answer”. This just makes me think of disappointment in communication, in expectations of others. I appreciate your outlook on it all.

    Very thoughtful!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I suppose you could say the entire poem is about a phone call I didn’t make because I thought I already knew what the answer would be. Maybe next time….

    Thanks for stopping by, comments are always appreciated!!!


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