a story that will make you laugh…

well… what now?

she was dumb & fun to fuck.
our relationship was confined
territory in that sense;
most of the interesting shit
about her & me
was bound up desire & ignorance.
she thought we were discussing
Schopenhauer as i was asking her to bed;
i thought she might know what she was
talking about as we fucked & moved
in a well lit room on a breezy day.

one night, i thought i heard
the sound of air
moving behind here eyes
and between her ears.
asking her questions produced no response.
just a heartbeat,
warm lips,
but nothing to say.
her answers were never any use anyway.
every good self-deprecating joke
i told her tip-toed by unnoticed;
never commented upon. she laughed
by rote and always screamed
right before she came.

still, there was something to be said
for that kind of thing;
i told people that,
knowing it wasn’t true;
she didn’t make me a liar,
though she wasn’t much help me
avoid it either.
some days it was easier to lay in bed,
fuck for an hour or so,
get sweaty enough for her to
hit the showers so i could sleep.

by the end, when fights might end
with knives or condoms or nothing
she became convinced I was
hiding something from her. she
was right, but i never saw why she’d
needed to know that. it would weaken my
position. you don’t win a lot of
arguments that way.

it’s all over now; she’s gettin’ it
stuck to her by some other guy;
me? i moved on to smarter girls,
never quite as much fun to fuck;
they take me to bed, i think she’s
talking about Kant; every time i ask,
she just laughs & screws.

Let me just say, if you think this poem was inspired by YOU personally, you would not just be wrong, but moronic. Only read into it as far as it takes to make you laugh. Thats as far as it goes. (Devils Advocate; wouldn’t that be just what you’d expect me to say if I was lying? Oh shit, what does that mean? Is it about me?…. No. It isn’t about anyone. If anything, I think my roommate inspired the first line with witty conversation, and the rest just sort of followed.)


6 Responses to “a story that will make you laugh…”

  1. i like this !!! Sex and insults ..

  2. I think this probably sums up most relationships 🙂 Well done again.

  3. Like it… Sex drugs, Rock N’ roll..

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