scare me up some food…


An empty stomach can’t be filled
with cigarettes. Between considerations
of philosophy & hunger;
most of the pack is gone.
Still nothing is different.

I’m most philosophic when my
pain is at the worst;
knowing there ain’t a thing to be
done about either; cigarettes
come and go, vision fades & sharpens,
all jotted down in beautiful notation.

still, similarity moment-to-moment
is not the same as stability;
if only stability weren’t so boring.
pushing this or that while the
whole time much longer strings barely move,
stretched past vision in every length
& time.

any comfort found between
desire to know & ability to ask
it is that this is no solitary quest
or obsession. part of the chain of thought
runs through my mind, also without
end. continued rarification I suppose.
Everything goes forever,
because nobody can stop pushing.
Read “Confession’s of a Philosopher” by Bryan Magee. Fucked my head up but good. Fantastic.

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