lot of maps, but no real help…

lot of maps, but no real help

everything theoretical.
required verification in tense & time,
contretemps are just industrialized
arguments, a fore-runner to dissolution.
who says you can’t have it all?

the house is quiet, there’s nothing to eat.
i feel weak, like maybe someone
should punch me out to make a point.
instead, nothing happens as a few more
minutes dissolve like sugar cubes
in hot coffee while i sweat it out.

all of this; yet still some part of me
needs to eat again. it’s the only way
to keep moving; only way to keep
breathing. even if i am as weak
as i worry about being. constance
made a virtue because it’s
always there.

nowadays i don’t shave unless my
pillow is too close to sandpaper.
keeping up with a constantly expanding
universe. the implications are stunning;
what else is there?

situated between back-to-back
thoughts about some effervescent
liquid day-dreams, furrowed brow
doing the worrying for me. what was
weak now just reflects sunlight

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