more poetry…


just after 3 a.m., and
i think i might have gone crazy.
nights like this, it might be the
only sensible thing to do.

soft faces make odd statements,
promises of support,
because we have to support
the crazies & the infirm;
right now i’m both.

soft faces with soft eyes
look so kind & perfect in soft light.
even if they’re a million miles away.
it’s after 3 a.m.; i might be crazy.

cigarettes burn so easily at night; now
the last of what i got taken to flame.
what’s left is just savage;
i know it’s late but i can only be so sure.

to recover my sanity, i need
the light; without it, there
is no way to tell anything
except that it’s after 3 a.m.; and
i’m afraid i might have gone crazy.

I can’t help but have the following reaction; tell me something I didn’t know. The last 4 partners fled like cowards from a burning torch; now you ask for me to put my hope in the 5th? It’s totally dark outside and you wanna tell me you seen the light. Dedicated to the rest of the scumbags and jackhammers still awake and stinking of the day. Desperation for a friendly face leads to strange places and odd bedfellows.

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