midnight poetry for nobody…

ode to isaac singer

a million lies, a thousand women;
& it worked out fine.
selling Singer sewing machines
for the modern housewife;
did he think of the bedspreads
or the money?

& it worked out fine.
you could support 20 kids
with a couple of million dollars;
he didn’t bother with anything so elaborate.
a few of the wives & girlfriends
never saw a dime; neither did a
most of the kids.
still, most of them made out
okay, near as can be known
this far into the future.

an amusing
idea of a seamstress
assembling pajamas,
or blankets or corsets;
anything standing between
or laying under Isaac
impregnating his way through
life. his wives and girlfriends
never saw eye to eye;
as if it were possible.
Alexander knew that;
that’s probably why he never
went back to York city.

Singer knew a lot about a lot
of things;
some useful,
some not.

no way of knowing
where he spent his nights;
one might
assume he was efficient;
both as hawker &
a tomcat. it takes a
special kind of man
to be both fish & fowl.

Inspired & Dedicated to Isaac Singer. He didn’t actually invent the sewing machine, but then, he never actually claimed he did. He did have 24 kids. That is a busy man, no matter what else he might have done.

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