pulling teeth…

once more

it’s dark & finally quiet
in my house.
for few seconds, silence is too much
to handle; music could
push the silence out.

draining poison so
frequently sought out
shakes a thermometer somewhere
while the effects countenance
no dismissal;
this takes
as long as it takes.

as long as it takes.
ain’t nobody ready for that
kinda answer. music continues
in the battle for audio
control; music can’t feel fear &
trepidation. i wanna be music
too. right now, during
days of prayer aimed
right into the sky still don’t
salve; no peace
in spitting out or shitting
raw poison. you know it has
to come out sooner or later.

trowell never changes his mind
on the whole deal. hopping back
and forth between bravery
& stupidity, he takes it on
his chin. he smiles at fever
and he sweats the chills.
his eyes don’t water, so he’s got
no advice on leaking mirrors.

you took the walk; now
it’s time to pay. i’m paying.
when the end of the deal
rolls off your back, completely
restoring freedom
of movement, do you know
what you’ll do?

you’ll slide into the graces
of a woman who will
give you the choice to decline
such a transitive bargain;
nobody ever declines,
don’t blame yourself.
it aint in our blood to say
“no more.” guys like us,
me, you, the superheroes
sister, all of us; we’ll give
her the money, all the while
promising ourselves
it’ll be different.

we don’t seek change.
guys like us don’t go looking
for trouble. just cool
buzz vertical progression.
this is just part of that;
down is part of up,
some things don’t change.

music makes it easier
to bide our sentenced time,
while reminding us that moving
is the same as living. next
month, the month after that,
and the month after that
are already baked in the cake.
all we’re waiting on is the
calendar and a fool.

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