made it back to bed…

in one piece

driving home late, the last
of the night about to be cashed in.
whatever the urge to
get one last word in edgewise,
this is all the time there’s gonna be;
until tomorrow.

’bout the last thing i seen
before the lights went out
was a face in the sky
telling me something about
a first kiss, or maybe not
to miss. even when my hair
blew in my eyes & all the windows
were open and the breeze was loud,
i know what i might of heard.

we can worry about me being wrong later.
all cashed out, there ain’t a thing to lose;
anyway. at this hour
you can do anything you want.
least anything except ask
these left-over shards of late-night
magic to reassemble themselves;
that ship has sailed.

Dedicated to the insomniacs watching the walls hold up the roof. Good luck with that. Fuck ’em, right?

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