pilfered topless shoeshine…

facetious diction

after a week, we had to invent killers from
whole cloth & just as quickly shoot ’em down.
propositions falling into my back pocket;
i said “no” to a Louisiana lady
who wanted a cup of coffee
before driving into Pennsylvania
looking for a millionaire;
without any target to point towards,
there wasn’t any need to look out
for straight-line wisdom
colored like sunset reflecting
shimmers off the Potomac.

certain scent of perfume hanging;
moments asking
for a few paltry dollars
in exchange for a real easy ride.
the marquessa wouldn’t approve;
but she ain’t got to know that.
golden torture is just how we play.
ask me to pretend to love you,
after that’s done,
will you pretend to care
that souvenirs and sappy songs
about broken hearts are funnier
as time goes by?

now i’m ready to eschew
Louisiana blonds & Pennsylvania
millionaires for this pot
of orange pepper. the pepper-pot
peripatetic will indeed keep me
moving. far be it for me
to insist on transitive principles;
that’s what we got left.
besides, mid-Atlantic boys ain’t s’posed
to be playing in the gulf;
plenty of room in the Atlantic.

Dedicated to DOA proposals. If you knew better, you’d never have asked such a stupid question. Fucking hell, you gotta qualify everything these days. Still… beats working for a living. Assuming that is what this is of course.

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