serenade evening post…

enough, or nearly so

laughter & a toothy grin;
what else you gonna do? picking
fictitious fights ain’t much
of a way to spend idle time;
though in a pinch, it’ll do. anything
else seems extraneous;
good enough, or nearly so.

besides, other questions
predominate. the plan was
to make concentric circles around town,
feel out the territory,
maybe find some food. instead,
the laundry makes rotations
about 20 feet away; thats
as far as i got. generous
portions of misanthropy, today
even themed-afternoons
find the LCD. sucks the night
right down through the
shit-house floor.

prostrations of innocence aside,
spare a garbled smile for
momentary happiness overwhelming
situational discretion. back in the days
of hawaiian-eyed teachers
my biggest fear was getting
caught red-eyed;
good enough to come
full circle; et. al.

the long grind,
being preferable to sinecure,
is a matter of justice; Lee’s buck
private would attest to that.
any more contemplation
past that would be a sin, with
all that it entails. who has the
energy for shit like that anyway?
i’d just as soon leave my hair down;
a surprisingly rare gesture,
all things considered.

Because if I scream, the neighbors will hear it, and there have been more than enough arguments today. Ugly, but a W is a W.

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