ain’t worried; can’t quit…


i figure understanding
is probably out of the question;
but given enough time,
anything is possible.

i’m dining on
mixed soups. stole
the recipe from
a girl in Appalachia
who loved me for
a very short time.

the soup is warm
n’ everything else seems
egg drop & wonton
mix well, tastes good.

still, thought i’d feel better
’bout that whole episode by now;
that dream was
years in the past.
not even i know
why i listened to that dream-pic.

might as well keep
smoking. after dinner
cigarettes are a party
right now. you may
as well look away.
its kinda fucked up.

this whole world
feels like after-birth.
ain’t goin’ nowhere
except to laugh at myself
in the mirror.

too far gone already
to keep caring so much.
i can take care of the few
bumps in the road past penury;
but i shoulda probably
listened to her
past stealing recipes
for an apple crumble
& egg drop wonton soup.

you always know better
after it’s over.


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