just cause…

so what

remembering every detail
ain’t really the issue here.
i woke up after the battle
of 11500 with no control over
my body; just thoughts
that we must have won the night
’cause the day got here okay.

stanchions and yawns
coming to attention;
don’t you remember how good it felt
to ride again?
saving it for later might
drag it out longer, but in here
i’d just as soon put my pitiful
concession out of its misery and
run as far & fast as possible
while singing out
“take it all, take it all”
interspersed with laughter.
always gotta be laughter.

sergeant nose was on leave
so i activated lt. throat
to take the brunt of the
artillery. he’s a good man,
always willing to let the fuckers
think they have a chance to win
even though they don’t.
they don’t make men like that
any more.

wreckage of the room aside,
the music nobody heard is still
rolling while i pick up pieces
of myself that got hacked off
during that raging ride.
cashing out the winnings,
countin’em up as silent agreement
is offered
to re-fight the same battle again.
deep down, i know i’ll throw in
my lot with fuckers that don’t
give a shit about anything
but the ride.

we can always
smell out own.

Dedicated to those silent dirty mornings that always seem to follow the best nights. I’m cool with everything falling apart, just takes a while to put it back together. It’s being exhausted yet exhilarated at the same time, never knowing second to second how it’s gonna be. Sanity and stability are never guaranteed.

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