i’d heard all was well…

terra firma

after i gave up on being
drunk, i had to find
comfort in other places.
from what i’ve heard of the times,
it was mostly staggering
around, breathing in
whatever walked by;
speed-ball poetry
takes forever to learn.

nowadays i don’t bother
coming down for anyone.
my own
comings & goings ain’t judgments;
i can’t tax an empty memory,
no matter how much sense
it seems to make.

of course, i will
occasionally go to the trouble
to invite someone up;
whatever the rationale,
there are only so many ways
to learn. finally figuring out
it can never be forced
was worth everything it cost.

Dedicated to one of the two decent poetry teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning from. If she has one failing, it would be her failure to mention the name Bukowski. There are few teachers who can help out poets without bruising them; further proof that sometimes you luck out and find someone willing to help you get where you want to go in spite of the shit you give them.

14 Responses to “i’d heard all was well…”

  1. yeah, i like that. especially those last few lines…it takes time for the heart to become fluid again…

  2. honest and fun read.

  3. suzicate Says:

    finally figuring out
    it can never be forced
    was worth everything it cost. – so true it comes when it wants and then it flows!

  4. wow..really cool! 😉 yey!

  5. Ms. Peaches Says:

    I like this a lot! very well written and i like ur dedication as well! thanks for sharing!

  6. mairmusic Says:

    Love the jerky rhythm of this– it suits the uncertainty and cockiness of the narrator to a T!

    • Who said I was full of myself? Actually, I very much am, but I have way more flaws that make for much better poetry than that. Anyhow, thanks for the comment and I will have to swing by your site.


  7. “I can’t tax an empty memory” that’s a solid line! Nice writing!

  8. loved reading it. its intelligent and very interesting.

    I am here from Jingle’s Thursday Rally for poets.
    Peace n happiness 4U 4Ever.

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