submit to the great unknown…

girl in the dark

spit-dry tongues can’t talk.
even if they could, what the fuck would
they say that hadn’t come out in
moans & sighs & gropes
in the semi-dark? seems like it
all ends so wet;
of course it’s wet &
it just ain’t the end.

now i’m feeling like a
scum-bag millionaire
(i always feel like a scum-bag millionaire)
but i tie my long-hair back anyway.
careful movements & everything like that;
almost pulled my hair out
when we flipped over too violently…
even recalling that smile
seems drenched.

you can’t be surprised
i wanna see you.
i love shadow-play in the dark.
after the fact,
rolling over to my province;
still breathing hard, retreating
as a closed-eye supplicant
once again, finding what we need
before we knew to ask for it.
there will be sunrise & light later
nobody wants clarity
in moments like this.

speaking in a draining-days
last gasp, the wet sounds
of sated tongues reassure
in ways vision can’t match.
muscles tremble as
memories fade. sleeping
off the moment, sustained
grins & foolish jokes. we’re all someone
else in the mostly dark.

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