that felt good…


i ain’t gonna spend any time
wishing there was more.
five fucking minutes
between an idea
& the cessation of clarity.
quick to the cut,
forgotten as easily
as that fella that used to hang around.
for a moment i can relax;
take in the afternoon
instead of getting chewed
up by it. feels good
to remember what it is;
feels good in powders
& pills & sidewalk chalk time-lines
hanging from the walls as decor.

grabbing an early afternoon
by the throat; insufficient desire
to leddit go. even in silence
this would be good; damn shame
nobody is looking down.
awaiting word of further adventures
with a self-assured smile.
supplication to the sun-gawds…no
contradiction; even
swampwater-eyed islanders
know the value of
a lazy afternoon.

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