three rolled and one smoked…

“black swan”

why does it burn so much
to read things that would
make me smile if i’d
heard them spoken?

my own capricious nature
being what it is, n’
Taleb’s theory saying what
it says;
all this pattern-hunting probably
carries rewards equivalent
to a damn lottery ticket;
which is to say none.

Taleb seems to indicate
great appreciation for learning
where things aren’t.
i can only laugh, ’cause
if he’s right, it just means
he already found his black swan;
whereas i’m still looking.


Thanks for the wisdom. You’ll never read this, but I can only hope what you wrote is the signpost I think it might be. Value to the struggle, right? Between you and Mandelbodt, I’m surprised things are as they are, and not as they might be.

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